Institutional Strengthening and Capacity Building

Hydrau-Tech provides services for capacity building. They assist government agencies, ministries, communities and other municipalities to create, reach, and sustain developmental goals. Hydrau-Tech provides assistance through analysis , project planning and management, consulting and technical assistance.  Hydrau-Tech has strengthened and improved several institutions and communities by performing projects dealing  with key infrastructure elements such as water/wastewater management, waste removal and land development/improvement. Through capacity building other communities are able to obtain skills and knowledge necessary to develop into a sustainable and thriving community.

Hydrau-Tech provides services including:

  • Working in Post-Conflict Countries
  • Institutional Strengthening and Capacity Buildingv
  • Social and Environmental Issues
  • Socio-Economic Analysis
  • Rehabilitation of Infrastructure
  • Consulting for national and local agencies to improve and restore the livelihood of the people
Relevant Projects:
Social and Environmental Issues
  1. Institutional development programs in Sri Lanka

    From 1984 to 1989 through the U.S. Agency for International Development. These institutional development activities included assisting Sri Lankan agencies in developing water users associations in isolated areas of the country.

  2. From 1990 to 1997, work in Spain, Nepal, Pakistan, Egypt and Myanmar (Burma) to develop Water User Associations.

    These consultant activities included assisting ministries in these countries to develop water user association programs and to assist in the development of extension agents to assist agricultural communities.

  3. Consultant to Mott McDonald on the Zhejiang Urban Environment Project (ZUEP) in China.

    This major environmental effort involves project preparation and environmental studies on projects in major cities in Zhejiang Province. They include wastewater collection and treatment, solid waste management, stream restoration and infrastructure improvements, and a cultural preservation plan.

  4. Consultant on NEPA environmental clearances

    Variety of projects for the United States General Services Administration including:

  • Roosville Border Station on the Canadian Border.
  • Moss Courthouse in Salt Lake City Utah, including a report to the US Congress.
  • Denver Federal Center site for the Federal Highways Administration.
  1. Consultant to Entranco on a variety of transportation-related environmental reports and assessments in Colorado and in Wyoming.

    These projects included:

  • Environmental Impact Statement of I-25 corridor from Broadway to 6th Avenue in Denver, Colorado including three interchanges.
  • Environmental Assessment of proposed interchange on I-25 at 136th Avenue for the Cities of Westminster and Thornton, Colorado.
  • Environmental Assessment of interchange-restructuring at US36 and Sheridan/92nd Avenue for the City of Westminster, Colorado.
  • Environmental studies for proposed widening of State Highway 119 in Black Hawk, Colorado and Community Center Drive in Northglenn, Colorado.
  • Environmental Assessments for proposed street reconfigurations in Rock Springs and Rawlins Wyoming for the Wyoming Department of Transportation.
  1. Consultant to ERM and Mott McDonald on the Huai River Pollution Control Project in China.

    This major environmental effort involved project preparation and environmental studies on projects in sixteen cities in Anhui and Shandong Provinces. In charge of the two provincial EAs on all project components in cooperation with the provincial PMOs and Environmental Research Institutes during 2000.

  2. Consultant to ERM on the Balochistan Natural Resources Management Project (BNRMP) in the Balochistan Province of Pakistan.

    The BNRMP is a World Bank project designed to improve the protection of the environment and management of natural resources in Balochistan. In charge of the technical assistance component on EIA training and implementation within the province, in missions during 1999.

  3. Consultant to Balloffet and Associates on preliminary hazardous waste historical investigations of the Denver Federal Centerunder contract to the U.S. General Services Administration.

    Work involved integration of a variety of past technical studies on the DFC in response to a State Compliance Order.

  4. Consultant to ERM and Mott McDonald on the Sichuan Urban Environment Project (SUEP) in the Sichuan Province of China.

    This major environmental effort involved project preparation and environmental studies on 9 projects in 6 cities in the Province. They included water treatment systems, sewage collection and treatment systems, and solid waste disposal systems. In charge of the EAs on all 9 project components as well as an overall EA, in 1997-1998 missions.

  5. Consultant to Montgomery-Watson (Taipei) and the Taiwan EPA

    Revisions to the national water quality standards and national water quality monitoring systems.

  6. Consultant on innovative on-site wastewater treatment systems 

    The design of constructed wetlands for on-site wastewater disposal.

  7. Consultant to the UNDP for environmental services for the Federal Environmental Protection Agency (FEPA) of Nigeria.

    Mission assessed the Environmental Management Programme as a component of the Multi-Sectoral Needs Assessment. Detailed specifications were provided in UNDP Project Document format regarding multi-media pollution control needs, in 1993.

  8. Consultant to URS International on several proposals for water quality and environmental planning in Taiwan and Hong Kong.
  9. US 85 Corridor Study Environmental document and SH 85 South Environmental Assessment for water resources/drainage/floodplain/wetlands.
  10. Environmental Assessment of an irrigation project on the Lower Brule Sioux Indian Reservation in South Dakota for the BIA.
  11. Nankang-Ilan Highway Environmental Assessment in Taiwan.

    Development of overall environmental impact methodologies for this first major highway EA conducted in the country.

  12. Taoyuan Water Quality Plan in Taiwan.

    Water quality modeling and development of the water-quality monitoring program.

  13. Taiwan Coastal Water Quality Monitoring

Development of the first marine water quality monitoring program for the country.

  1. Houching/Dampal water quality plan in Taiwan

Develop water quality planning techniques for one of the earliest basin water quality plans in the country.

  1. Laguna de Bay Toxic and Hazardous Waste Feasibility Study in the Philippines

Quantified expected loadings of toxic and hazardous substances from all point and non-point sources in this basin.