International Engineering Team

Hydrau-Tech, Inc.’s international team is made up of many extraordinary professionals who are experts in their field. The knowledge and experience of Hydrau-Tech, Inc.’s international team provide the tools, knowledge, and skills to perform a large variety of projects all over the world. The international team is listed below.


Dr. Albert Molinas – Water Resources Engineer
  • Expertise – Geomorphology, Hydraulics, Hydrology, Water resources, Hydraulics Structures, Dam Design, Dam Hydraulics
  • Albert Molinas HT Profile


Dr. Jose D. Salas, – Hydrologist


Dr. Saud Amer – Topo Surveyor/Satellite Interpretation Specialist
  • Expertise –  Satellite imaging, remote sensing, remote sensing for evapotranspiration, water harvesting, topographic surveying
  • Saud Amer HT Profile


David Litke – GIS Database Specialist
  • Expertise – GIS database, Water resources, satellite imagery, remote sensing, topographic interpretation, hydrologic modelling
  • David Litke HT Profile


Dr. Wayne Cyma – Irrigation Engineer
  • Expertise – Irrigation Systems, Irrigation engineering, Farm Water Management and Irrigated Agricultural Development
  • Wayne Cyma HT Profile


Charles Hutton – Micro-Hydropower Specialist
  • Expertise – Hydropower Systems, Micro-Hydropower, Structural design of Dams, International Contracts, Preparation of Bidding documents, Construction management, Hydraulics, Hydraulic        Structures.
  • Charles Hutton HT Profile


Dr. Abdul Wahed Hassani – Contract’s Specialist
  • Expertise – International Contracts, Preparation of Bidding Documents, Construction Management, Hydropower Systems, Micro-Hydropower, Structural Design of Dams, Hydraulics, Hydraulic Structures.
  • Abdul Wahed Hassani HT Profile


Kirk Jensen – Design Office Manager/AutoCAD Trainer
  • Expertise – Construction management, AutoCAD training, graphic design, landscape design, office management.
  • Kirk Jensen HT Profile


Dr. William Spencer – Agricultural Economist
  • Expertise – Economy, Agricultural Economy, Feasibility Studies, International Training, Crop Forecasting.
  • William Spencer HT Profile


Dr. Mohan Reddy  Junna – Capacity Building Specialist
  • Expertise – Capacity Building,  rrigation Engineer, Hydraulics, Hydrology, Hydraulics Structures, Canal Automation, Reservoir Operations.
  • Mohan Reddy HT Profile