SedWin (Visually Interactive Sediment Transport Computation Model for Windows) is developed for the computation of sediment transport capacities by selected transport equations. Both total and fractional bed-material transport capacities can be computed. The comparison between computed concentrations and the measured values and statistical parameters indicating the goodness of fit are displayed on screen (SedWin Screen Plot). The results are also given in the Computed Results Output file, Tabulated Parameters Output file, and Detailed Information Output file.

12 sediment transport equations are selected for the current version of SedWin. These equations are applicable for the sand and gravel size ranges. Except for the equations of Laursen, Einstein, and Toffaleti, fractional transport capacities are computed by using either the Bed Material Fraction (BMF) method or the Transport Capacity Fraction(TCF) method.

The potential uses of SedWin include:
  • Evaluation of the applicability and accuracy of existing sediment transport equations
  • Comparison of predictions using different sediment transport equations.
  • Calibration of sediment transport equations for specific flow and sediment conditions.
  • Selection of sediment transport equations for a particular river.
  • Selection of sediment transport equations for numerical modeling.
  • Analysis of sediment transport parameters.
  • Development of new sediment transport equations.