SedBase is a sediment transport database for sediment transport computations and analysis. It contains 4574 sets of sediment transport data. 1425 sets are flume data from 30 different sources, and 3049 sets of field data arre from 29 different rivers and canals.

Data Variables:

The sediment transport database contains a complete record for flow and sediment information pertaining to each measurement. This information for each record includes:

  • Flow properties.
  • Bed material properties.
  • Transported sediment properties.
  • Size distributions of bed material and transported sediments.

Flow properties for each record include the measurements of flow discharge, channel width, flow depth, water surface/energy slope, and water temperature. Bed material properties include the measured value of median diameter and D65b, size gradation coefficient, specific gravity of sediment particles, and type of bed form. Transported sediment properties include measured values of sediment concentration, median diameter, size gradation coefficient of sediment in transport. Size distribution data include both the bed material size distribution and the transported sediment size distribution.

Data Format:

This database is available to users in the most commonly available spreadsheet formats and as ASCII text files:

  • Corel Quattro Pro 8 containing both original data and standard data format.
  • Microsoft EXCEL containing both original data and standard data format.
  • ASCII text file containing standard data format.
Potential Uses of SedBase Include:
  • Comparison of predictions using different sediment transport equations.
  • Calibration of sediment transport equations for specific flow and sediment conditions.
  • Analysis of sediment transport parameters.
  • Development of new sediment transport equations for specific project use.
  • Other uses such as analysis of resistance to flow.