Scour Critical Bridge Site Map

For the past 8 years Hydrau-Tech, Inc. has conducted over 105 Plan of Action (POA) studies for scour critical bridges and for bridges with unknown foundations.  After the 2013 floods in Colorado, Hydrau-Tech inspected over 80 bridges for scour damage and provided scour mitigation for 60 bridges.  Currently, Hydrau-Tech is providing detail design for scour mitigation to 40 bridges across the entire State of Colorado.  Highlights of this experience are available in Hydrau-Tech’s bridge scour experience brochure.

The HT_POA_Sites file provides an interactive map of all Hydrau-Tech, Inc. scour critical bridge sites for which a POA was prepared. The file can be opened and viewed using Google Earth on a phone, tablet, or computer (Google Earth must be downloaded and installed on whichever device is being used, it is available for free here). After opening the file in Google Earth, selecting a bridge Placemark will display the bridge characteristics, a site image, and links to the site’s report documents and additional images.  Note that sites with a red icon are part of the most current POA task order.

Structure IDRegionRiverHighway
A-15-A4Dale CreekUS 287
A-15-Z4Draw, CattleUS 287
A-17-AD4Lone Tree CreekI-25 ML
A-24-AO4Lewis CreekSH 113
A-24-L4DrawSH 113
A-24-M4DrawSH 113
A-27-N4Lodgepole CreekUS 138
A-28-M4South Platte RiverUS 385
A-28-N4South Platte RiverUS 385
A-28-O4South Platte RiverUS 385
A-28-P4South Platte RiverUS 385
B-06-S3Fortification CreekUS 40
B-16-FT4Cach La Poudre RiverSH 14
B-16-H4Spring CreekUS 287 ML
B-26-E4Six Mile CreekSH 59
B-27-A4Frenchman CreekUS 6
B-27-E4Frenchman CreekUS 385
C-09-AR3Yampa RiverSH 131
C-17-BL4Big Thompson RiverI 25 SBND
C-17-C4Little Thompson RiverSH 60 ML
C-17-CZ4Windsor WashSH 257
C-17-F4Big Thompson RiverI-25 Service Road
C-22-J4Beaver CreekUS 6
C-22-N4DrawSH 71
C-26-A4Coyote CreekSH 59
D-02-A3Spring CreekSH 64
D-03-A3The White RiverSH 64
D-04-G3Strawberry CreekSH 65
D-11-Q3DrawUS 40
D-15-A4St. Vrain CreekUS 7
D-15-AI4North Boulder CreekSH 119
D-15-AP4Boulder CreekUS 36
D-15-AQ4Boulder CreekUS 36
D-15-AR 4Boulder CreekSH 7
D-15-AX4Boulder CreekSH 7
D-15-B4Fourmile Canyon CreekUS 36 WBND and EBND
G-17-AN1West Plum CreekSH 67
G-17-M1East Plum CreekSH 67
D-16-DA4Boulder CreekUS 287 ML
D-17-AK4The St. Vrain RiverSH 66
D-20-T4Rock CreekSH 52
D-24-B4Surveyor CreekUS 34
E-10-A3Colorado RiverSH 131
E-15-AH4South Boulder CreekSH 170
E-17-IE6South Platte RiverI 270 ML EBND
E-28-W4Black Wolf CreekUS 385
F-06-M3The Colorado RiverI 70 Access Road
F-06-O 3Elk CreekI 70 ML WBND
F-06-P3Elk CreekI 70 ML WBND
F-09-AF3Cottonwood CreekI 70 ML EBND
F-09-L3Gypsum CreekUS 6
F-12-AL1Corral CreekI 70 ML WBND
F-15-CY1Clear CreekUS 6
F-15-D1Clear CreekI 70
F-16-AV1North Turkey CreekUS 285
F-19-E1DrawUS 36
F-20 BL 1East Bijou CreekI 70 WBND and EBND
F-20-BM1East Bijou CreekI 70 WBND and EBND
F-22-E4DrawUS 36
G-07-B3Cattle CreekSH 82
G-11-C3The East Fork Arkansas RiverSH 24
G-17-AL1DrawSH 105
G-18-BC1West Cherry CreekSH 83
G-18-H1Antelope CreekSH 83
G-19-A1Station CreekSH 86
G-21-F1Agate CreekI 70 EBND
G-25-D1Sand CreekUS 24
G-25-F1Sand CreekSH 59
G-26-B1Spring CreekI 70 WBND
G-27-E1Sand CreekUS 385
H-02-GC3The Colorado RiverSH 340 ML
H-02-S3The Colorado RiverSH 340 ML
H-02-FM 3Little Salt WashI 70 WBND and EBND
H-02-FN3Little Salt WashI 70 WBND and EBND
H-02-FO 3Big Salt WashI 70 WBND and EBND
H-02-FP3Big Salt WashI 70 WBND and EBND
H-03-L3Plateau CreekI 70
H-03-Z3Lewis WashI 70 Business Route
H-04-G3Big CreekSH 330
H-04-S3Plateau CreekSH 330 ML
H-04-Z3Plateau CreekSH 330 ML
H-07-H3East Muddy CreekSH 133
H-11-AA3The Arkansas RiverSH 300
H-11-U3Lake Fork CreekSH 300
H-13-G1The South FK South Platte RiverUS 285
H-13-R1The Middle FK South Platte RiverSH 9
H-13-S1The Middle FK South Platte RiverSH 9
H-25-M1East Spring Creek TributarySH 59
I-02-B3Gibbler GulchSH 141
I-03-A3The Gunnison RiverSH 141
I-04-K3The Gunnison RiverUS 50 EBND
I-04-M3The Gunnison RiverSH 65
I-05-V3Gunnison RiverSH 92
I-06-C3The North FK Gunnison RiverSH 187
I-06-M3Hubbard CreekSH 133
I-13-I1Agate CreekUS 24
J-01-C3The Dolores RiverSH 141
J-01-D3John Brown CreekSH 141
J-05-X3The Uncompahgre RiverSH 348
J-09-AB3Gunnison RiverUS 50 ML
J-09-B3Gunnison River BranchUS 50
J-09-C3Gunnison River BranchUS 50
J-09-D3Gunnison RiverUS 50
K-01-A5Dolores RiverSH 141
K-01-C5Dolores RiverSH 90
K-08-D3Cebolla CreekSH 149
K-14-X2Texas CreekSh 69
K-18-P2Blue Ribbon ArroyoSH 96
L-02-F5Dry CreekSH 141
L-07-A3Lake Fork Gunnison RiverSH 149
L-16-R2South Hardscrabble CreekSH 165
L-17-CD2Boggs CreekSH 78

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